India's First Jackfruit Industry

India's First Jackfruit Industry


A Pioneer in Indian Jackfruit Industry

We are an enterprise whose value chain is designed and operated with a deep sense of commitment to a triple-bottom-line: social, environmental, and economic value creation. We love doing it the hard way to ensure that we have the best food product for you that is ‘fair’ and committed to the ecological cycle, and socio-economic mobilization for the farmers that grow it for you. – Team HEBON

Many prominent public personalities and eminent professionals came together under the leadership of visionary Mr. Subhash to address the challenges of globalized marketing and wastage of agricultural jackfruit organic products.

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The Ultimate Vegan Food

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Health Benefits

Hailed as a “miracle” fruit and loaded with nutrition, eating just 10 or 12 bulbs of this fruit is so filling and offers so much energy, it tastes like pulled pork and serves as a meat substitute

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